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Every story must have a location (an address or lat.-long. coordinates). It is important to note that some stories may lend themselves to being “pinned” in more than one location, but Discover Indiana is not equipped to allow more than one location. Therefore, you will need to carefully consider where to place the story and try to construct the narrative in such a way that makes clear why a particular location was selected. If you are attempting to locate the same site over time, please discuss with the Discover Indiana Staff  how best to identify the coordinates. 

Discover Indiana also doesn’t allow more than one story to be told at a particular site. Over time, some stories have been added to in order to incorporate multiple perspectives, people, and events at one location so that a site can be included on multiple tours. One good example is the Athenaeum in Indianapolis, which is part of a tour on “Art as Dialogue,” one on “Outsiders in Indiana,” and a tour on “In Sickness and in Health.”  If you want to include the same site on multiple tours, please discuss with the Discover Indiana staff. 

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