Learn: How do I identify tags, subjects, and references?

What are tags and subjects?

Tags are keywords that highlight specific elements of your story.

Appropriate tags include but are not limited to:

  • Names of people and places (street, neighborhood) important to your story
  • Other proper names for related organizations, businesses, etc.(for example, Independent Order of Odd Fellows)
  • a building or landscape type, e.g. rowhouses, churches, cemeteries


Each story should have at least 1 but not more than 3 subjects. Subjects should reflect the most significant aspect of the story and place it within a category focused on a similar themes (for example, Civil War History, Women’s History, Native American History). The Discover Indiana staff will work with you to identify the appropriate subjects for your stories.


Each story should include a list of the most important references. These include the books, articles, or other items that were most useful in the preparation of the story. This list should not be construed as a full works consulted list or a bibliography for further reading. It should also include materials that supplied any quotations in the story, as well as scholarly works that provided context.

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