Contribute: NEH Digital Projects Phase 1

Quarter 1

April-June 2019

Community Partners will learn the process and begin work on a draft of their tour(s).

Deliverable: The list of all tour stops, and the draft text of the opening text and of one tour stop.

Quarter 2

July –Sept. 2019

Community Partners will finish the draft of their tour(s)

Deliverable: The draft text for the opening text and all stops on the tour(s)

Quarter 3

October-Dec. 2020

Rebecca and Jen, along with the help of a graduate student in public history, will make recommended revisions in consultation with Community Partners to produce a final version of the tour(s).

Deliverable: Final version of all stops on the tour(s)

Quarter 4

January-March 2020

Community Partners will upload tours into the Discover Indiana platform and secure permission rights for any images they do not already have permission to use. Tours will be finalized, if needed.

Deliverable: Uploaded tours to Discover Indiana; any necessary permissions paperwork filed with Discover Indiana.

Payment: IUPUI will provide the $1250 stipend once the final deliverable has been received and approved.