Initial Ideas Worksheet

Organization Name:

Submitter Name:

Submitter email:

Tour Information to be provided:

Tour title:

Tour sub-title:

Curator Names (in publication order):

Brief description of the audience of the tour:

Tour introduction text (approx. 200-300 words):

Story Information to be provided

Story 1 Title:

Story 1 Subtitles (<60 characters):

Story 1 Narrative (approx. 300-400 words):

Story 1 Curator’s Name (Author, if different from above)

Story 1 Images (to be submitted with the JPEG file; please copy, paste, and renumber the image section below until you reach the number of images you intend to include in the story)

Image 1 file name:

Image 1 file link:

Image 1 Title (18 individual characters-including spaces):

Image 1 Caption (75 words maximum): 

Image 1 Credits (up to 20 words):

Image 1 Date Created (or approximate date):

Image 1 Creator (photographer or artists):

Story 1 Location (an address or lat.-long. Coordinates): 

Story 1 Tags:

Story 1 Subjects:

Story 1 References: