Learn: How do I submit my story or tour?

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You should submit the first draft of your story via either our Word Template or our Google Document Template. For word, you can download the template and load it into Microsoft Word as a word template. For google document, we ask that you select FILE > Make a Copy then retitle the document before editing. This will allow other partners to use the template as well. 

The story should contain:

  1. the title, subtitles, curator (author), main text
  2. title, caption, and credit for all images (please also indicate the image file name in brackets for ease of reference)
  3. suggested tags (see explanations under “Tags” and “Subjects”)
  4. suggested location (see explanation under “Location”)
  5. list of references (see explanation under “References”)
  6. separate JPEG files for each image (images are ideally sized around 1000 pixels on the longer side and in the neighborhood of 100-200KB, but it is always better to submit a larger file when in doubt; we can size down images but cannot enlarge them with losing quality)

If you wish to include media elements such as short audio, that will require additional conversation 

and guidance. Please ask if interested.

What happens after I submit a story?

All submitted stories are reviewed by Discover Indiana staff. We will work with you to revise your 

stories using the feedback of our team as well as experts in public history and the humanities more 

generally. Stories that are incomplete, have factual errors, and/or don’t meet project guidelines will 

require significant revision.

By submitting a story, you give Discover Indiana permission to publish your writing under a Creative Commons Attribution Share-Alike Non-Commercial License. This open license helps to encourage reuse of the site materials for educational, research and interpretation. It maintains the requirement that a credit to you as the contributor remain with the story whenever it is reused. You may also reuse your material provided that you cite your original work here.

How will I be credited?

Stories will be credited with the name of the author as well as your specific cultural heritage

institution. Author credits on individual stories are visible online. If a story requires substantial

revisions, the writing credit may also be assigned jointly to Discover Indiana staff.

What happens when I’ve completed my work?

After you’ve submitted all of your materials (content, images, and all permissions and agreement forms) you will work with Discover Indiana staff to generate a plan to publicize your tour and to receive your stipend. We’ll assist  you by providing a draft press release that can be shared with local media as well as help you identify outlets that you can advertise the tour to. You’ll also receive specific information on disbursement of your stipend payment.

While you are busy publicizing the tour and we’re getting your stipend disbursed, you’ll also have the opportunity to provide us with feedback on the process of developing a Discover Indiana tour. 

Download the Discover Indiana Training Guide as a PDF.