About Discover Indiana

Discover Indiana is a project of the Public History Program at IUPUI, the Indiana Department of Natural Resources Division of Historic Preservation and Archaeology, and the Indiana Historical Society, uses the Omeka+Curatescape platform to distribute interpretive stories about the history, architecture, culture, and people of the state of Indiana on the web. Now in its seventh year, Discover Indiana offers digital tours on topics as diverse as sacred spaces and religious history, sports history, medical history, LGBTQ+ history, art, the experience of African Americans in the state, historic theatres, state parks, recreation, government, the Civil War, railroads, and archaeology.

Discover Indiana Project Staff

General Inquiries should be directed to: pubhist@iupui.edu

Rebecca K. Shrum

Rebecca Shrum is the Assistant Director of the Public History Program at Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis and an Associate Professor in the Department of History. She is a scholar of American material culture and of public history. Her studies of material culture focus on the process by which material culture shapes individual and collective identity. As a public historian working primarily within the academy, she seeks to cultivate in students a passion for historical work that will make public history institutions a critical part of local and national conversations about American values and priorities and that will link past stories, whenever possible, to present choices and controversies. Rebecca can be reached via her website, by emailing her at IUPUI, or via twitter.

Jennifer Guiliano

Jennifer Guiliano received a Bachelors of Arts in English and History from Miami University (2000), a Masters of Arts in History from Miami University (2002), and a Masters of Arts (2004) in American History from the University of Illinois before completing her Ph.D. in History at the University of Illinois (2010). She currently holds a position as Associate Professor in the Department of History and affiliated faculty in both Native American and Indigenous Studies and American Studies at IUPUI in Indianapolis, Indiana. Her research focuses on digital humanities, digital history, Native American and Indigenous Studies, and Sport History. Jennifer can be reached via her website, by emailing her at IUPUI, or via twitter.

Discover Indiana Project Partners

NEH Digital Projects Partners (2019-2020)

Grant County Historical Society, Bill Munn

Hamilton East Public Library, Brad Howell and David Heighway

Howard County Historical Society, Dave Broman

Jackson County History Center, Margo Brewer

Johnson County Museum of History, David Pfeiffer

Kokomo-Howard County Public Library, Doug Workinger

Marion Public Library, Mary Eckerle and Bill Munn

Monroe County History Center, Susan Dyer

Morrisson-Reeves Library, Sue King

St. Joseph County Public Library, Ellen Anderson

Vanderburgh County Historical Society, Terry Hughes

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